Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The girls are spending their first full week of summer vacation up at the lake with their Grandma and Papa, leaving Erik and I home alone to remember what it was sort of like before we had kids. It actually helps out a ton since I'm still doing the working thing--at least this week I won't be spending money on childcare. I had thought I could work every day and catch up on all the projects I'm trying to finish before someone else starts the job, but there are no phones or Internet there right now (part of the office moved and so its always a headache to get everything settled) so I'm actually at home right now, by myself and its quiet! I thought to myself, "hey, I can actually post a blog entry this morning!". So, here I am.
The job is going fine...its just the fact that I'm still there that bugs me. All the folks that work there are great and the duties of the job itself are completely manageable, not to mention fulfilling to think you're doing a small part to help others. Granted working for my folks is a bit weird, at least for me, and half the reason I won't be there permanently. The other half of the reason being my kiddos and the fact that its summer vacation and we just want to play!! I have a feeling that I'll be working til my "drop dead date" of July 13th, unfortunately. So I just need to hang on a bit longer....
Speaking of playing, we went on our inaugural camp trip of the summer this past weekend. We headed up to Rock Creek on Friday noonish and met up with three other families, a married couple and a friend. It was a ton of fun--the guys fished and the kiddos played. The weather was perfect, too. The creek was still quite fast and deep so the kiddos didn't play much in the water and us moms were on high alert when it came to even being near the water, which was the only big bummer the whole weekend. We ate good food and talked and laughed and I even went for a run Sunday with one of my running buddies, A, before we all headed back to town. It was kind of cool that my nephew Austin joined us--he'd never been camping before. Here are a few pics I snapped... (I didn't take hardly any pictures and I'm thinking that because I don't have time to scrapbook lately I haven't had as big of a desire to take pictures, like subconsciously I know I won't have time to do anything with them...)
We brought the girls bikes and they had a blast riding around and around the campground. Excellent idea!

Nephew brought his bee bee gun, which was mostly a good thing. It entertained him for a while.
The kiddos eating Doritos in the camper. I love junk food camping but most of all I LOVE my pop-up!

Well, I do love Erik more than the camper! ;-)

Oh, and I also got my hair done last week--a little darker tint and more layers. Not too different but I am liking the darker tone. :-) Nevermind the weird expression on my face, I don't take pictures of myself very well! lol

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