Saturday, June 27, 2009

And the baby is five

Amongst the craziness of working part time, I prepped for and did Kera's 5th Birthday party. First of all, I can't believe she's five years old! She's suppose to be my baby, but she's leaving more and more of that baby-ness behind as she grows up. I didn't think I'd have a hard time with her going to kindergarten in the fall, but I'm becoming more and more emotional about it lately so I think I was wrong. Erik and I were talking about times in your life when you make big realizations, and I think now is one of them for me. With my baby getting older and getting ready to go to school and there being no more babies in the house, I think I'm starting to realize that my kiddos will someday grow up and leave me. They've been so much a part of me for the past 7 years that thinking about them being grown and out of the house is hitting me kind of hard. I know that I have many years before that time comes, but seeing how quickly we've gotten to the point we're at now makes me realize that day will come sooner than I think. Thus, you've got an emotional mom on hand and its kind of annoying.

Anyhoo, Kera's party was fun. The weather was perfect and she had just a few friends over for the kiddo party, then we had more adults, including friends and family, over afterward for a bbq so it was a fun filled day.
I made a cake again. Not even half-way through frosting it I was already grumbling under my breath about the task. It takes me forever to frost them with changing frosting colors and tips and all that. Next year I'm getting another frosting kit so I have 2 of each tip just to make it easier.
You know what I love about my youngest daughter? She has the most grateful attitude of anyone I know. Each gift was greeted with excitement (see excited face) and then genuine thanks in word and a hug to the giver. Kera rocks at gratitude and it was so cute.

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