Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ohhh Tooth Fairy!!

Dear Ms. Tooth Fairy,

Today is a wonderful day, Lindsay lost her first tooth! That little lower front one that has been loose for at least a month finally fell out today while she was at school. I'm so proud of how resourceful she was to know enough to head on down to Lovely Lori's office to get a plastic baggie in which to bring the little lonely tooth home. I'm sure you would agree that she does indeed deserve a wonderful treat as a reward for such a momentous occasion. She will be sure to place the little tooth under her pillow tonight and I hope you will take it to be with all the other little lonely teeth and put in its place something just right for my Lindz. Thank you so much Tooth Fairy, you will make her day I am sure.


Mommy Kendra


  1. Woo-hoo, Lindz! I was always a tooth freak -- I pulled my loose ones all the time! ;-)

  2. So what did she get from the tooth fairy? I'm sitting on pins and needles until I find out!

  3. She got a lovely letter complete with fairy dust (aka silver glitter) and a whole buck. She was completely thrilled! I figured we could afford a buck for each tooth for 2 kids! LOL


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