Monday, October 27, 2008

A little hiccup in the whole tooth fairy thing

I found an envelope on the kitchen table yesterday entitled "To Mom To Dad Frum Lindsay".

Inside was 5 one dollar bills, a littlest pet shop card and this note,

"these=dolrs=are=for=the=tooth=give=the tooth=back.=it is=five=dolrs. I=stil=love you=and=I hope you stil love me."

This morning Lindsay found an envelope with her tooth 5 one dollar bills and a note inside telling her she could have her tooth and the money since she wrote such a nice letter and has been so good, also telling her she could keep or send of any future lost teeth to the fairy, whichever she chooses.

She was very happy to have her tooth back. I knew she wanted it, the other day she was mad that I wasn't going to find it and give it back to her. I asked if she'd rather have the tooth than any money or other goody the tooth fairy might bring and she said yes.

So part of me is disappointed that she's not going along with this lil' right of passage, but the other part of me is so impressed that she is who she is and that she is being herself, and that she wrote such a nice note! The frugal part of me is thrilled at the money part too. True I am out $1 with this recent exchange, but its nothing if that's all I'm out over a whole mouth of teeth!


  1. What a neat young lady you and Erik have raised. ;-)


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