Thursday, October 9, 2008

Aaaa, my back.

I have discovered a contradiction. I've been told and read about how women my age are just hitting the prime of their athleticness in sports like long distance running. And I can see that--not that I'm blessed with huge lungs and slow twitch muscles--but that I enjoy running more now and can focus better than I could've years ago with all the distractions of youth. But, I don't think that whole "prime" thing applies to activities like Yoga or Pilates. Yes, they sound like wonderful workouts--stretching and working on the core that so often goes a bit (or a lot, depending on the person) flabby. I have done them via home workout dvd's off and on for almost seven years now with varying results. But its only been recently that I've decided maybe I'm too old for them.
The first time was about a month ago I tried out a new dvd that incorporated a lot of yoga and it went fine. Until the next day when I woke to a slight throbbing in my lower back that got worse with any major back twists, turns or when I tried to lift anything. It wasn't horribly incapacitating, just annoying and It went away the next day but I decided I wouldn't do that video again, or at least take it easy the next time.
The second time was Tuesday. I was getting Kera into the car after preschool when all of a sudden my upper back, like between the shoulder blades, just started to hurt. I thought maybe I tweaked it a little and that it would go away. But it only got worse--last night I could barely turn my head or move around--the only relief I got was from sitting up in my bed as still as I could while I watched The Biggest Loser and CSI:New York. It was horrible. It still hurts today, though not nearly as bad so I think its getting better. I have been wracking my brain to figure out when I might have done something to injure it, and the only thing I can think of is the pilates video I did on Monday morning....I think one of those moves aggravated my back. The irony is that when I googled what to do about a hurt back, one of ways listed to help prevent it is to strengthen your core.....
I haven't had any back problems ever in my life until now, so the logical conclusion is that I'm just too old for that stuff, right?

Other than walking around like a ninety year old woman, I'm excited because my brother and his girlfriend and their beautiful baby girl are here visiting from Germany. I got to see the baby this morning and she is sooooo cute. It will be nice to have them around for a couple months. I'm also working on a homemade halloween costume for the first time for one of my kids. Lindz wants to be a bat so I'm gonna try to make it instead of buying one--we'll see how it turns out. I'll definitely post pics as I go! Kera is recycling one of Lindz' which is nice and cheap, too. I'm still kind of working on my writing, its just been so busy this past week I haven't had time to sit down and do it, although I've been thinking about it and reading my books about it, so that's better than nothing. Fall is here in full force and acting like winter--the leaves are changing colors and falling as quickly at the temperature, but its okay with me. I love the crisp air and pulling out the winter sweaters and cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and some hot tea.


  1. I hear ya...I'm not sure this is the prime anything time right now. I like yoga but it is hard on my back...although it does seem to get better the longer I do it, if I'm regular about it anyway. Would love to see you in November! Can't wait and hope it works out.

  2. You know... I had the same problem a while back and I didn't do any yoga or pilates! LOL!


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