Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I interrrupt this blog

Okay, so in the past probably four years I haven't written much aside from the typical "this is what I did today" blog entry. I just haven't been inspired much past the cute pictures I post of my kids. Which is weird for me, I am a writer, or at least that's always how I pictured myself, even when I didn't have a creative thought in my little head. So, excuse me for a minute while I vary from the typical retelling of my day, or maybe I should ask you to humor me for a moment....

What is this? Fluttering in my chest -- like little wings beating against the insides of my ribs. And the words--I can feel and see them twirling around in my head, pushing aside to do lists, daily requirements and sense of time--just letters linking together to make words all on their own volition. What to do with this? Rejoice! My greatest fear was just that--a fear. I still have it! (Oh, I still have something at least!) Its coming out rough I'm sure, like an unpracticed symphony, but the sheet music is there at least. I'm afraid if I don't write it down now -- a pen in hand flurries over paper stolen from kids' art bin--it will be squashed by today's reality or it will expand and explode to disappear into tiny confetti splattered all over my table.

I write and the chest flutters intensifies but remains in rhythm and the words--they flow from the pen effortlessly. They love me again! :-)


  1. You will always be a writer. And one of the best I know. Beautiful blog post! ;-) Beautiful writer. Beautiful friend. Love you, Ken!

  2. Congrats on finding your muse! :)


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