Sunday, September 7, 2008

Elk Meadows

Saturday Erik took the girls and me up to an area right on the MT/Idaho border where he and his friends ride their snowmobiles in the winter and dirt bikes/atv's now. He's been touting the beauty of this area for a while so he was really excited to get his girls up there and show off his play area. Even after living here most of my life, it is still so amazing to me sometimes how close these places are to our home--just 45 minutes of driving and we were driving a dirt road on the side of a mountain smack in the middle of "the woods". It really was pretty up there--gorgeous views and lots of remnants of flowers--I can just imagine what the flower scene would've looked like just a month or two ago up there. We drove up to this area that E has talked about camping in and then took the girls on a short little walk out to a creek where they played for a bit before we walked back. Definitely not a real hike by any means, but they are kind of whiny when it comes to hiking so we're saving the real hikes for when they are older. :-)
The colors were gorgeous--it had some of the red/orange low lying type brush that reminds me of the alpine areas like Glacier. Then there was the tall skinny trees all close together that I find cool. The granite outcroppings and the crystal clear creek were all great too. It was a fun family evening.
The only wildlife we saw was on the car drive down the mountain and it included: a bunny, quail/grouse, deer, a chipmunk, turkeys and lots of cows.
Kera and a flower... Lindsay and some creek gunk she was fascinated by.. Me and the love of my life...
A view of the valley we hung out in...

And a view on the way down the road...


  1. Gorgeous photos! What a great place to visit! :)

  2. What a beautiful place, Ken! And great pics of you two and the girls!


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