Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crazyness I tell ya, Crazyness!!!

It's crazy, but we had snow falling out of the sky the past two days here. It was June 10 & 11th and not only did it snow a bit, but it actually stuck. Here's what the foothills looked like Tuesday morning:
And the amount of rain we've been getting is pretty crazy too, as well as how cool its been. Makes me hope that this summer's fire season will be mild. I honestly don't mind the cooler temps, just puts the hot days of summer a little further out and I don't necessarily enjoy those! If I could I'd have either sunny spring days at about 60 or maybe 70 all year with some cool 50 fall days interspersed evenly--I love those kinds of days!

Another event that is kind of crazy is the Kindergarten Graduation I went to this morning for Lindz. I can't believe the school year is over and that she's now a first grader!! It went by so quickly and she's changed and learned so much over the past 9 months that its amazing. She can read, like really sound out the letters and read new words, read!! She has learned to do the monkey bars, to tie her shoes, to do simple addition & subtraction, to count to 100 and not to mention all the things she learned within the social aspect of school. When I think about all the things (little & big) she's learned this year it really blows me away!!
Poor thing, she is so much like me in that she doesn't do well with new situations that are kind of overwhelming. She was a bit out of sorts and you can kind of tell by her expression in this picture! Plus she didn't want to wear the cap (I can't blame her!! I hated mine when I graduated both high school & college!) and it didn't even really stay on her head very well...
Here's L with her teacher, Mrs. B. She was great all year--had so much energy and compassion and really worked with L on the things that she needed to improve on. Mrs. B gave this little talk at the graduation about how this class was a great first class and how she wanted to go on to 1st grade just so she could stay with them. It was touching and I think if I hadn't been so distracted by Kera's constant running to the drinking fountain (they are exactly her height!!) and Lindsay's nervous energy, I would've cried! Anyway, I'll miss Mrs. B but I'm sure we'll see her in the hallways and around school next year or even around town since it is a small one. :-) I'm grateful for all her work this past year, she was great!!
So I guess Summer Vacation is officially "on" now. I have really been looking forward to not having to get L out the door by a specific time in the morning, even though it doesn't necessarily mean I'll get to sleep in, just that we can all lounge in our pj's longer and I can linger a bit more over my morning latte. I'm also a little apprehensive about what to do with these girls through the summer. Lindz is now use to the full day of school and I know she'll probably be bored within days, not to mention how easily they will fight and argue with each other. So I need to come up with some distractions, maybe swimming lessons or trips to the park for lunch or something. I think getting them out of the house for a couple hours everyday will help a ton and probably frequent trips up the lake! If you have any good ideas, let me know!

I put the finishing touches on Kera's room today--I was just waiting for some transfer thingies from Uppercase Living. Here's the proud little big girl by her "wall art":
She's such a little ham!!
If you can't tell by the picture the additions are: a chocolate brown daisy in the middle with two sage green daisy vines on each side. They are really cool, kind of like scrapbooking rub-on's for your wall. I also got a HUGE one for Lindsay's room that has given me that extra boost of ambition I need to start her room project! :-)

We're off to the lake again this weekend, this time to celebrate Erik's Mom's birthday and possibly go for a sail on his dad's boat. I think the weather is suppose to be nicer, so it should be a pleasant visit. Tomorrow morning I'm doing my long run before we leave town -- 8 miles is the plan--wish me stamina! :-)

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  1. Oooh, love the decals! Those are way cool.


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