Monday, May 12, 2008

Wow, I'm real consistent

It seems I've been kind of neglecting this blog! Well, not really, I've just not had a whole lot of time to spend here. This past week was busy--it seems like everyday I have something I have to do or somewhere I need to be and it ends up filling in the whole day in between the school bus - workout - shower morning and the school bus - snack - make dinner and referee fights evening. And then the evenings, they fill up so fast too! Let's see, both Tuesday and Wednesday we had friends over for dinner, Thursday I went to a Uppercase Living party hosted by a friend, Friday was a birthday party for one of Lindsay's friends, then dinner out and then the Missoula Community Choir concert (my dad sings), and Saturday was a graduation party for my good friend Jess. Add into all that my out-of-town friend Sacha and her two youngest boys staying with me from Thursday til Sunday morning. I hadn't seen her since probably 1992, so it was really great to see her and to see our kids play so well together--I hope it isn't another 15 years before we meet up again!

This week is looking a little calmer so far -- Erik will be leaving on Wed with Kera to go to his cousin's wedding in Minneapolis, so it will be just Lindz and I until Sunday. That should be a bit calmer although I'll probably work both Thurs & Friday in order to take advantage of the whole no need for child care option. I think I need to get a chick flick or family movie for her and I for Friday or Saturday night!

Don't you love this, I'm using my blog to plan my

I ran a long run again yesterday--six miles in an hour & 15 minutes, which is right about 12 min. miles and my goal. :-) It was bit harder but I just set my mind to it and was very excited to meet my goal. Today my legs feel tired but not overly sore, I'm sure a little yoga will be just the thing to help me feel even better. One of these days I need to actually register for the half-marathon race....then I'll be in it for the long haul! Part of me is scared that if I do register somethign will happen between now and then and I wont be able to run the race, but I know that's just me doubting myself.

Oh, I wanted to mention this book I read that was really good. Its called The Shack and I found it at the local Christian bookstore. At first its hard to read because it focuses on a father who loses his youngest daughter to a horrible tragedy, but then it gets into how that affects his relationship with God and he ends up meeting God in this shack in the woods. I was really impressed with how the auther illustrated God and that whole interaction. I think its a great book to help you really think about where you are with God and where He wants you to be. I highly recommend it. :-)

Well I have a million and one things to do again today, maybe I'll actually remember to take some pictures so you can see our smiling faces again for once! :-)

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