Thursday, April 3, 2008

This just plain sucks

I will apologize in advance for this entry. It won't be encouraging, funny or happy in any way at all, so if you don't want to read something sad, save this for another day.

I got a call this morning from my sister. It is unusual for her to even be awake at 7:30 am let alone calling me. She had sad news. One of our cousins is on life support after attempting to commit suicide.

I can't really go into details as I don't really know more than that, but I'm really sad. This is one of my cousins that I was actually pretty close to growing up and our families did a lot of fun things together. I have a lot of really good memories of her which makes this even sadder. I just keep thinking of all those memories and at times I chuckle but it mostly makes me cry. And with each phone call from a friend to offer support I just cry more. I know they mean well but the more I talk about it the more I cry.

I find it really ironic in a cruel way that I just had that entry about my college friend's death and now this...

My prayers are with my cousin & her family (and my family) because that is really all I can do at this point.


  1. Yeah, I will agree with you...this is a sucky situation! I hope she pulls through and that healing will begin.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear your bad news and just wanted to let you know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I've been there with a family member too.

  3. So sorry Kendra. Hope you are feeling some peace and direction about how to approach it with her, her family, etc. I can't imagine- on a lighter note- the picture of your hula girls is awesome. You'll have to do another picture like that in 10 years or so!!

  4. :( That really does suck. It's unfortunate when people are taken long before they should be.


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