Monday, January 28, 2008

the Sickies

Out of nowhere, Kera threw up yesterday before church. Actually it was moments before I was to leave to get to an early women's meeting, and of course my mom had already left her house to pick me up, so I couldn't intercept her and save her the drive. It was so icy yesterday, that when she came around the bend to our cul de sac, she ended up sliding down almost the entire thing. She was not happy that she'd risked her life twice to pick me up and I wasn't even going! I am sure she'll forgive me, I'm a lot like her when it comes to driving and when the road conditions are less then ideal, we get a big cranky. :-)
So, I stayed home with her, hoping that she wouldn't be in the bathroom every half and hour, and surprisingly, she wasn't. She lay (is that the right one, or is it laid? I always forget) around for a while, but then wanted to play and wanted to eat. I fed her some crackers expecting to see them again, but nope, she was fine. She didn't really eat much the rest of the day, but she had all normal bm's and no more pukies, so I don't know what was up with her. The pukies are totally going around -- my dear friend Yvonne is on her second round of them in like 2 months which totally sucks-- so I was sure that it was our turn for them. But by bedtime last night I was feeling hopeful. I was praising this whole "staying home" thing compared to all the bugs we brought home when the girls were in daycare.
Until this morning. I'm not pukey, but I can feel achy in my body, scratchiness of my throat and a general "unwellness" that I am certain will be the start of a good ol' bug of some sort. You know I feel bad if I'm not working out, and I'm not. Oh, and my ears are kind of starting to hurt a little. And now Erik's air compressor is going off in the garage, oh how I LOVE it when that goes off in the middle of the day and he's not home. It just makes this loud noise for five minutes or so and then turns off, only to repeat it a few hours later. (insert roll of eyes here)
So, wish me "well", I've downed some airborne, ibuprofen and am drinking tea. I'm gonna go relax for a bit.

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  1. Hope you are able to kick this thing before it really starts!


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